Ray Medstaff stands out as a 100% New Zealand-owned, family-operated healthcare recruitment firm. Despite being among the newest in New Zealand's recruitment landscape, our team collectively possesses over 4 years of expertise in healthcare, recruitment, and staffing management. Our overarching goal is to prioritize people in every facet of our operations.

Our seasoned recruitment professionals take pride in meticulously matching the right individuals with the right opportunities, ultimately optimizing outcomes for our clients and fostering job satisfaction among our candidates.

Integrity is paramount in our approach—we uphold our commitments without overpromising and ensure we deliver on our promises. We are driven by the cultivation of enduring relationships founded on mutual respect with both our candidates and clients. This commitment propels us each day toward achieving the optimal outcomes for all involved.

Initating Contracts

We are in a process and initiating contracts with the clients and with the contractors, who provide their services in nursing, allied health, Restaurants & Hotels personnel. Mainly focusing on Health Care sector.

Authenticated Technology

The authenticated technology that underpins our service makes it simple to access most of the important information about contractor’s details and gets rid of pointless paperwork.

Hardwoking Employees

Task duplication is avoided. Communication channels are simplified. It becomes more competitive.

For Heathcare Clients

Make your temporary hiring procedure more efficient. By using a one point of contact, you may save time, money, and administrative effort while lowering the chance of non-compliance.

For Staffing Agencies

With the help of our vendor-neutral business strategy, you may gain access to the Ray Medstaff expanding clientele of healthcare providers in the New Zealand.

For our Clients

When you work with Ray Medstaff, you won't have to waste time interviewing unqualified prospects. The connection teams at Ray Medstaff make certain that the only applicants in the database meet the requirements for your positions.